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Router Signmaking Jig Low Profile Stable Bits C Clamps Templates Wood Sign Hobby

Product Details:

If you’ve ever had need for a handmade carved wooden sign, you could always find someone to make it for you and pay a small fortune for it. Here’s a better idea – make it yourself and save big money. You get everything you need to make your own signs up to 36 in.L. You get two carbide tipped router bits, along with metal-nose guide bushings, low profile C-clamps and 206 self-spacing number, letter and punctuation templates. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be able to craft your project like a pro. Router not included.

Includes-1/4-Inch and 3/8-Inch tungsten carbide tipped core box router bits
Includes TurnLock base plate and metal nose bushings
Low profile C Clamps and new end frames provide a stable routing surface
Includes over 200 self spacing durable polymer blend templates
Easy and consistent to use!
“If your a hobbyist or just like to play around and try to make things for yourself and maybe family members like me. You can’t go wrong either way with this. You can actually make a little side money selling address signs.”

“Made my first sign and it looks great. ”

“I am very satisfied with this product. I have used it and will continue to use it.”


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